Auburn Nanosystems Group Dr. Michael C. Hamilton

We are exploring the use of different micro and nano structures for use as reworkable contact and interconnect structures. We characterize the power integrity characteristics of large arrays of these structures. Goals for this aspect are to be able to get 100’s of A through arrays of these structures with minimal power loss. We also characterize the signal integrity characteristics of these structures by inserting them between chips with coplanar waveguide leading up to the interconnect. Goals for this aspect are to minimize return / insertion loss for these structures up to 67GHz or 110GHz depending on the desired application. Examples of these reworkable interconnect structures include:

Carbon nanotube bumps (electroplated or ink jet printed SWNT):


Double-Helix Contact Structures (electroplated Cu):

Liquid Metal Interposer (GaIn eutectic liquid metal inside vias of a thin Si wafer into which a Cu pillar array is inserted):


Last modified: June 7, 2013