High-Current Low-R

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Voltage is measured diagonally across the Cu blocks, here these areas have been scratched to remove the Cu oxide.
Components of a power distribution network... Low R ... Spreading Resistance ...

N5761 Source (in CC mode, so V must be set fairly high, ~3V to make up for the drop across the connection) N3300A Load (in CV mode 1V at ~100A)

Set up the load first. Function: Voltage mode. Voltage: 1V, Current 120A

Setup the source to limit current to approx 10A, set voltage to 3V slowly bring up current. if the device switches to control voltage mode then turn up the current until it is able to control current.

Pressing meter on the load will allow you to observe the voltage seen at the load, which should be 1V and the current sent by the control current supply

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