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Files for articles (images, PDFs, EXCEL, Word, etc) can be uploaded via the "Upload File" button to the left in the toolbox. If you upload files, try to tag them with something that we can use for categorization (ie: PROCESS TRAVELERS, HOW-TO, etc).

This wiki is private and requires a login to both read and edit. To request logins, email a list of names and the corresponding auburn usernames to


Weekly Meeting Template (One-on-One)

Media: weekly_template_03232016.pptx

Wireless or Off-Campus License Connection

Karl Suss Mask Aligner MA6/BA6

Quick-Glance Brochure

STS Advanced Silicon Etcher (ASE)

STS Advanced Oxide Etcher (AOE)

Oxidation Furnace

Denton Sputter System

Sputter System in Wilmore Laboratories.

Brewer Science CE 100 Spin Coater

ALD Systems

Process Notes

Seed Layer Removal

Photoresist Spin Curve Data

A partial list of the common photoresists/dielectrics that are commonly used in our lab.


Pulse Tube Accessories

E-beam Deposition

Copper Plating

DC Measurements

Training Guides

Getting started

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