Auburn Nanosystems Group Dr. Michael C. Hamilton

Dr. Michael C. Hamilton
James B. Davis Professor, Dept. of ECE
Director, AMNSTC
200 Broun Hall
Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849
o) 334-844-1879
m) 978-944-2112
Researcher ID: Q-8217-2017




Moore’s Law is ending
Transistors will be replaced
Beyond Moore we go!

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The Auburn Nanosystems Group in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Auburn University is headed by Dr. Michael C. Hamilton. This research group aims to create new technologies for future densely-integrated, high-performance electronics systems. These systems are based on new forms of classical and quantum information processing, including neuromorphic computing and quantum technologies using superconductive electronics, which are promising for allowing a massive number of low loss interconnections along with super low energy per operation. Recently, there have been incredible advances in the underlying technologies for these new types of information processing. The ANG group establishes and engineers new technologies and approaches to help scale to larger, more capable and more reliable systems.

Last modified: October 6, 2021