Memristors and ReRAM

Memristors and ReRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory) technology is showing promise for use as low energy, non-volatile memory and for use in neuromorphic / advanced analog circuits. We have recently fabricated memristors based on Cu/CuO/(AgO)/Ag using ink-jet printing on flexible plastic substrates.



In collaboration with Dr. Minseo Park (Department of Physics, Auburn University), we are investigating multiple fabrication methods and configurations of advanced / flexible photovoltaics. We are developing and characterizing our unique structures (including alternative configurations, hybrid organic/inorganic, and sensitized with various nanostructures), with the hopes of enhanced performance (i.e., efficiency) and ease of fabrication (i.e., roll-to-roll).

Image courtesy of Dr. Minseo Park.


With the help of Charles Ellis in the AMNSTC, we have developed a reliable through-Si via (TSV) process that we are using in our in-house 2.5D / 3D packaging and integration. This technology uses PEALD deposited Ru seed layers and electroplated Cu TSVs.

These structures exhibit excellent filling, high aspect ratio and excellent uniformity. Current efforts are in characterizing the RF / signal integrity performance of these structures, as well as exploring integration density, reliability, forming superconducting versions, etc.