Auburn Nanosystems Group Dr. Michael C. Hamilton


Graduated Graduate Students

Zhangming Zhou, PhD, 2017 – Looking 🙂
Dissertation: Evaluation of Thick Film Materials for High Temperature Electronics Packaging


George Hernandez, PhD, 2016 – Intel
Dissertation: Superconducting Flexible Cables For Cryogenic Applications


Rujun Bai, PhD, 2016 – LAM Technology
Dissertation: Superconducting Resonators on Thin Film Flexible Substrates


Jinzi Cui, PhD, 2016 – Not Pictured – Intel
Dissertation : Materials for High Temperature Electronic Packaging


Kyle Owen, MSEE, 2016 – Dynetics
Thesis: Design and Simulation of Cryogenic Test Circuits


Will King, MSEE, 2016 – Burns & McDonnell
Thesis: Reliability and Modeling of 32nm SOI Transistors at Cryogenic Temperatures


Fang Yu, PhD – Qualcomm
Dissertation: Ag Sintering Die Attach for High Temperature Applications
2016 Auburn University Distinguished Dissertation


Kun Fang, PhD – Qualcomm
Dissertation: Thin Film Multichip Packaging for High Temperature Geothermal Application


J. Phillip Bailey, PhD – MIT-Lincoln Laboratory
Dissertation: Digital Reverse Time Chaos and Matched Filter Decoding


pingye_aubie_2014 me_pingye_graduation_2014
Pingye Xu, PhD – On Semiconductor
Dissertation: Fabrication and characterization of compliant off-chip double helix and carbon nanotube interconnect


Zhenzhen Shen, PhD – Baker Hughes
Dissertation: Die Attach for High Temperature Applications


Uday Goteti (MSEE => PhD)
Thesis: SPICE model implementation of a quantum phase-slip junction
2016 Outstanding Masters Student of Auburn University


Ya Guo (MSEE)
Thesis: Designs of Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) and Its Transition to Rectangular Waveguide


George Hughes (MSEE => PhD)
Thesis: Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Short Range Multi Band Frequency Jammer


Jordan Hullett – MEE (non-thesis) – Harris


George Hernandez (MSEE => PhD)
Thesis: Through Silicon Vias Using Liquid Metal Conductors for Reworkable Electronics


Simin Zou (MSEE => PhD)
Thesis: Flexible Nonvolatile Cu/CuxO/Ag ReRAM Fabricated Using Ink-Jet Printing Technology
2014 Outstanding Masters Student of Auburn University


Srikanth Peddada
Srikanth Peddada – MSEE 2013 – Freescale
Thesis: Signal Integrity Analysis of Transmission Lines in Anisotropic Substrates for High-Speed Data Transmission


Alexander Pfeiffenberger
Alexander Pfeiffenberger – MSEE 2013 – Broadcom
Thesis: Dielectric Permittivity Measurements of Electronics Cooling Fluids



Graduated Undergraduate Students

Hannah Masten (BSEE 2016, at The University of Michigan <GO BLUE!> with an NSF GRFP Fellowship! <link>)

Kyle Owen (BSEE => MSEE)
Hunter Burch (BSEE, Honors Thesis)
Sam Hutto (BSEE)
Brett Byer (BSEE)
John Porter (BSEE, Honors Thesis)
Nicholas Allen-McCormack (BSEE)
Daniel Martinez (BSME)
Eric Myers (BSEE)
Stephen Patenaude (BSEE)
Daniel Fowler (BSEE)
Joshua Chumbler (BSEE)


Dr. Michael C. Hamilton <click>

Current Graduate Students:

Thomas Stegeman (PhD : Electronics / Optoelectronics Systems)
2014 Merriwether Fellowship Winner


Simin Zou (PhD : Superconducting Microwave Interconnects and Connectors)
2017 Outstanding Ph.D. Student of Auburn University
IMS 2016 PhD Student Sponsorship Initiative Recipient
2014 Outstanding Masters Student of Auburn University


Uday Sravan Goteti (PhD : Superconducting Electronics / SFQ)
IMS 2016 PhD Student Sponsorship Initiative Recipient
2016 Outstanding Masters Student of Auburn University


George Hughes (PhD : MEMS Actuators)


Vaibhav Gupta (PhD : Superconducting Materials and Structures)
IMS 2017 PhD Student Sponsorship Initiative Recipient


Ran Cheng (PhD : Neuromorphic Circuits/Systems)


Bhargav Yelamanchili (MSEE : Superconducting Flexible Cables)


Sherman Peek (MSEE: Cryogenic Electronics)


Justin Dunaway (MSEE: Cryogenic Electronics)


Current Undergraduate Students (no particular order):

Alex Le (BS : ECPE) / Noah Niedzwiecki (BS: ECPE)

Matthew Denton (BS: ECPE) / Christopher Lewis (BS: ELEC)

Robert Christiansen (BS: ECPE) / Daniel Spann (BS: ELEC)

Keith Krause (BS: ECPE) / Andrew Stephen (BS: ECPE)

Steffen Sullivan (BS: ELEC) /



Hayden Burch (Auburn High-School Student, Summer 2015 & Summer 2016 – Turbo, +)

Tony Trexler (AUM – Winter 2016)

Oliver Kersten (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Fall 2014 – Winter 2015)

Ryan Chan (BSEE, Binghamton University, Summer 2013)


Other Pics of Us:

Vaibhav, Bhargav and Uday in the lab (2017)

Vaibhav and Uday in the lab (2017)

Uday, Thomas, Justin and Alex (2017)

Rob in the lab (2017)

Noah hard at work (2017)

Sherman at the cryo probe station (2016)

Andrew in the cryo lab (2016)

Solder School 2016

Mike with Sandrine Martin from UMich (@ IMS 2016 in San Francisco)

Celebration for Hannah receiving an NSF GRF! (May 2016)

Retirement for Dr. Ellis @ Hamilton Household (April 2016) … Charles: Retired.

George in the Cryo Lab (Fall 2015)

SueAnne in the Microwave Lab (Fall 2015)

Dr. Ellis hard(ly) at work. (Summer 2015)

2014 Holiday Get-Together at The Hamilton’s

Celebrating Pingye Xu’s successful PhD Defense at BWW – Fall 2014

me_thomas_movies me_george_movies
Thomas Stegeman and George Hughes – Movie Day – Summer 2014

Fang Yu receiving Best Paper Award at HiTEC 2014.

simin_ECTC_2014 pingye_ECTC_2014
Simin Zou and Pingye Xu at ECTC 2014 in Orlando, FL

George and Rujun getting ready for one of many meetings – 2014

Thomas and Nick in the RF lab – 2013

Hernandez_and_Xu_IMAPS_PNGND_2012_1 Hernandez_and_Xu_IMAPS_PNGND_2012_2
George and Pingye at PNGND in NY 2012

Trip_to_AZColin, Dr. Dean, Aubrey and Pingye in AZ for IMAPS-DPC 2012

simin_and_georgeSimin and George at PNGND in NY 2013

pingye_in_boston_2 pingye_in_boston_1
Pingye in Boston for MRS Fall 2012 Meeting

bailey_in_seattlePhillip in Seattle for IMS 2013

alexander_and_georgeAlexander and George admiring the new cryo probe station.

Dr. Michael C. Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton obtained his B.S.E.E. from Auburn University in 2000 and M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from The University of Michigan in 2003 and 2005, respectively. His graduate work focused on alternative microelectronic devices, namely organic semiconductor-based transistors and sensors. From 2006 to 2010, he was at MIT-Lincoln Laboratory (Lexington, MA). While at Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Hamilton led instrument-level and system-level projects on the next generation of geostationary imaging for weather satellite systems, testing and modeling of highly-scaled and environmentally-optimized CMOS devices subjected to extreme environmental conditions, and modeling, design, fabrication and test of advanced technologies for high-frequency RF sample-hold and analog-digital conversion circuits based on Fully-Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (FD-SOI) transistors and CCD structures. Dr. Hamilton joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Auburn University in 2010, was promoted to Associate Professor in 2015, to Professor in 2019 and is now James B. Davis Professor. In 2016, he became the Director of the Alabama Micro/Nano Science and Technology Center (AMNSTC), which is a micro/nano technology center at Auburn University funded by the State of AL. His group is affiliated with the Auburn University Quantum Systems (AUQuaS) interdisciplinary research cluster. He is the Auburn University IEEE Student Chapter Faculty Advisor. Dr. Hamilton is actively involved with IEEE MTT-S: Education Committee, producer/moderator of the IEEE MTT-S Webinar Series and Chair of MTT-7 Technical Committee on Microwave Superconductivity and Quantum Technologies. He is also currently serving on the editorial board (as a topic editor) of a new open access journal: IEEE Journal of Microwaves. His current interests and areas of research include: superconductive electronics and technologies for quantum systems, micro/nano fabrication, packaging and integration of high-speed systems, signal and power integrity of densely-integrated systems, application of micro and nanostructures for enhanced performance of RF and microwave systems and packaging for extreme environments (both high and low temperature).

For questions or inquiries, please contact Dr. Hamilton at

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Google Scholar Page, Research Gate, LinkedIn


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