Auburn Nanosystems Group Dr. Michael C. Hamilton

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Current Graduate Students:

George Hughes (PhD : MEMS Actuators and Advanced Packaging Technology)
george hughes 2021


Bhargav Yelamanchili (PhD : Superconducting Flexible Cables and Connectors)
bhargav yelamanchili in lab at auburn university


Sherman Peek (PhD : Cryogenic Electronics and Integration Technology)
sherman peek 2021


Christopher Lewis (PhD : Advanced Imaging Systems and Cryogenic Ellipsometry)
chris lewis at auburn university


Stephen Bankson (PhD : Superconductive Electronics and Quantum Devices)
stephen bankson 2021


Archit Shah (PhD : Dense Integration and Interconnect Technology for Cryogenic, Superconductive and Quantum Electronics)
archit shah auburn university


Harry Goyal (PhD : Packaging & Interconnect Materials Properties at Cryogenic Temperatures)
harry goyal at qd ppms 2021


Muntasir Mahdi (PhD : Magnonics and Hybrid Quantum Systems)


Jacob Marchio (PhD : Quantum Systems)
jacob marchio 2021


Current Undergraduate Students (no particular order):

Nick Rush (BS: ELEC & AERO)
nick rush in lab 2021

Thomas Peek (BS)

Grant Gleason (BS: CHEM ENG. – AMNSTC Co-Op Student)
grant gleason 2021

Jake Ward (BS: CHEM ENG. – AMNSTC Co-Op Student)
jacob ward 2021

Harrison Walker (BS: MAT. ENG.)
harrison walker 2021

Chase Tillman (BS: ELEC.)
chase tillman 2021



Leslie Dees (Duke ECE, Summer 2021)
leslie dees auburn 2021

Jenny Baek (LAMP, Fall 2020 – Summer 2021)

Jacob Marchio (University of Maine – Summer 2019)

Hayden Burch (Auburn High-School Student, Summer 2015 & Summer 2016 – Turbo, +)

Tony Trexler (AUM – Winter 2016)

Oliver Kersten (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Fall 2014 – Winter 2015)

Ryan Chan (BSEE, Binghamton University, Summer 2013)


Other Pics of Us:

harrison walker in lab 2021
Harrison in the AMNSTC Micro/Nano Fab Lab

two students doing a demonstration at eday engineering day at auburn university
Thomas and George doing a quantum levitation demo during EDay (2020)

student at lpkf system at auburn university
Sometimes we have to negotiate with our equipment (2020)

auburn university is a basketball school
If you beat UK, you are indeed a basketball school (2020)

archit shah presenting at group meeting at auburn university
Archit Shah presenting his work at one of our group meetings (2019)

people tailgating for football at auburn university
We tailgate a little for football (2019)

hamilton and goteti in lab 2019
Measurements in the cage with Uday (2019)

Rolling Toomer's corner after Auburn University Men's Basketball makes it to the Final Four in 2019

Rolling Toomer's corner after Auburn University Men's Basketball makes it to the Final Four in 2019
Rolling Toomer’s Corner: Auburn University Men’s Basketball makes it to the Final Four for the First Time Ever…War Eagle! (2019)

laser safety is important
Laser safety! (2019)

Drew's birthday lunch
Drew’s Birthday Lunch (2019)

Vaibhav, Bhargav and Uday in the lab (2017)

Vaibhav and Uday in the lab (2017)

Uday, Thomas, Justin and Alex (2017)

Rob in the lab (2017)

Noah hard at work (2017)

Sherman at the cryo probe station (2016)

Andrew in the cryo lab (2016)

Solder School 2016

Mike with Sandrine Martin from UMich (@ IMS 2016 in San Francisco)

Celebration for Hannah receiving an NSF GRF!  (May 2016)

Retirement for Dr. Ellis @ Hamilton Household (April 2016) … Charles: Retired.

George in the Cryo Lab (Fall 2015)

SueAnne in the Microwave Lab (Fall 2015)

Dr. Ellis hard(ly) at work. (Summer 2015)

2014 Holiday Get-Together at The Hamilton’s

Celebrating Pingye Xu’s successful PhD Defense at BWW – Fall 2014

me_thomas_movies me_george_movies
Thomas Stegeman and George Hughes – Movie Day – Summer 2014

Fang Yu receiving Best Paper Award at HiTEC 2014.

simin_ECTC_2014 pingye_ECTC_2014
Simin Zou and Pingye Xu at ECTC 2014 in Orlando, FL

George and Rujun getting ready for one of many meetings – 2014

Thomas and Nick in the RF lab – 2013

Hernandez_and_Xu_IMAPS_PNGND_2012_1 Hernandez_and_Xu_IMAPS_PNGND_2012_2
George and Pingye at PNGND in NY 2012

Colin, Dr. Dean, Aubrey and Pingye in AZ for IMAPS-DPC 2012

Simin and George at PNGND in NY 2013

pingye_in_boston_2 pingye_in_boston_1
Pingye in Boston for MRS Fall 2012 Meeting

Phillip in Seattle for IMS 2013

Alexander and George admiring the new cryo probe station.

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